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The Melissa Ambrosini Show: Episode 424 with Gerard Bini

Bestselling author, keynote and TEDx speaker, #1 podcast host, Melissa Ambrosini is an inspiration for thousands of people worldwide. She has helped countless people in improving their health and wellbeing.

When our paths crossed, there were so many topics to talk about, it made for a fascinating conversation. Listen below as we talk about 5G, Spike Protein Shedding, EMF Radiation and other forms of Radiation. 

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Introducing our Pet Pendants
Animals are much more sensitive to charged EMF radiation fields, especially to Earth Radiation and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation in the form of death imprints and emotional and illness imprints. Cats especially, ‘see’ energies that 99% of humans cannot see. If you ever see a cat sitting and waving its head around as if it were watching something, then most likely, the cat is seeing and energetically perceiving Bioplasmic energies.
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That Strange Humming Noise and a Possible Explanation

For many years now thousands of people, around the world (myself included) have been hearing a strange humming noise, especially at night-time.

In many households only one or two people out of five were able to hear this hum, in fact my research found that generally only about 2% of the population could hear it. Those who couldn’t hear the hum would chastise those who could and were labelling them as Tinnitus, or even madness or feigning imagination.

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