All our products are tested to ensure they offer the best performance in harmonising EMF fields. Download our product testing and evaluation documents to view information about:

What is the success rate of the Stellar Pendant against various tests?

In this page you will find downloadable documents with information related to tests and evaluations of our products:

Geoclense - Kirlian GDV Photography Test 1

Geoclense - Kirlian GDV Photography Test 2

- Geoclense 5G Testing - Biotensor

- How to test an EMF Harmoniser - Geocleanse

Stellar Dome - Clinical Study of Concentration Levels

- Stellar Dome 5G Testing - Kinesiology

- Mobile Phone Harmoniser - Medical Thermal Imaging

- Mobile Phone Harmoniser - Electrodermal Screening

- Ionic Personal Protection Pendant - Kirlian GDV Photography

- Ionic Personal Protection Pendant - Orion Electral Dermal Test

- Ionic Personal Pendant - Kirlian GDV Photography

Ener-Band - Kirlian GDV Photography

Ener-Soles - Neurofeedback Report

Water and Food Rejuvenation Plate - Dr. Emoto Style Testing