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Orgone Effects
What is Orgone Effects? Orgone Effects is the manufacturer and supplier our unique Orgonium ® range of Electromagnetic Radiation harmonizing products.   Who started Orgone Effects? Orgone Effects’ founder is Gerard Bini. Gerard is an Intuitive Building Biologist. Orgone Effects™...
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An Understanding of Bioplasmic Radiation
In this article Orgone Effects’ renowned Intuitive Building Biologist, Gerard Bini, looks at the causes and damaging effects of Bioplasmic Radiation and how it can be neutralized. In our homes and workplaces, we’re subject to over 30 different types of...
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A Radiation Free Home = Healthy Home, Healthier Life
Orgone Effects has been helping people with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) problems in their homes for more than 15 years. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Orgone Effects offers an extensive range of EMR harmonizing products to neutralize the harmful effects of...
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