An Understanding of Bioplasmic Radiation

An Understanding of Bioplasmic Radiation
In this article Orgone Effects’ renowned Intuitive Building Biologist, Gerard Bini, looks at the causes and damaging effects of Bioplasmic Radiation and how it can be neutralized. In our homes and workplaces, we’re subject to over 30 different types of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) fields from various sources. We have man made technology, Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) and Bioplasmic Radiation which is by far our biggest, yet least spoken of, radiation problem.

What is Bioplasmic Radiation?

Bioplasmic Radiation, otherwise known as bio-field radiation, is human generated. Our human bio-field, when we’re emotionally and physically healthy, produces a negative charge. However, when we’re emotionally and/or physically unhealthy, the human bio-field produces a positive charge, which is the problem. There are at least five different types of Bioplasmic Radiation fields including: Illness imprints, Emotional imprints, Death imprints, Juvenile Emotional Stress imprints and Negative Psychic Attack impressions. Bioplasmic fields are electromagnetic fields, however, they cannot be detected with a gauss meter nor a radio frequency meter. Bioplasmic fields are better detected with a Biotensor (Josef Oberbach) and Lecher Antenna (Ernst Lecher), which are traditional Building Biology/EMF measuring instruments.

Illness Imprints

When someone is physically unwell living in a house for any length of time, the diseased state of their body creates a positive charge around their bio-field which, in turn, leaves an electromagnetic imprint with the information of the frequency of that disease in the space. For someone who has a diseased organ
i.e. liver, the diseased liver will leave a Bioplasmic radiation imprint of the frequency of that illness. This means someone who enters that space who may have a sensitive liver, will find that their own liver, if tested, will be under electromagnetic stress. These imprints will cause electromagnetic stress for all occupants, and will remain there until the energetic circumstances are sufficiently changed with a neutralizing negative charge like the negative charge created by Orgone Effects’ Geoclense ® Home and Workplace Harmonizer.

Emotional Distress Imprints

Someone living in a house over a 
period of time (for as little as a few weeks), suffering from an emotional state of depression for example, will leave a Bioplasmic Radiation imprint which will accumulate with the energetic information of the frequency of depression, or any other negative emotional state they may be experiencing. When emotionally sensitive people enter this space, they too, will feel symptoms of depression etc.

Death Imprints

An occurrence of a death on a property dating back even hundreds of years, will leave a death imprint, then a subsequent further Bioplasmic field which covers and extends to the boundaries of the property. There may be additional complications with the existence of a death imprint, due to the very nature and trauma of the death experienced.

Juvenile Emotional Stress

Juvenile Bioplasmic radiation is caused by the emotional pain body energies and imprints of children from the age of 0 – 5 years from continuous high-pitched screaming or crying of a child in anguish or distress. Young children and adults react negatively to this type of energy when in this space, like it is a sixth sense. Children friendly resorts are well known for this.

Negative Psychic Attacks/Impressions

Negative Psychic attack impressions are caused by one person or a group of peoples’ negative emotion directed towards another person, group, place or organization. Workplaces are notorious for negative psychic impressions which can be directed towards each other within the actual organization, or from outside competitors, individuals, groups or organizations aimed intentionally at your workplace. Shopping centers that have many competitors nearby, create accumulative negative psychic impressions directed at each other. This upsets many electro-hypersensitive people while they’re shopping in these places. Orgone Effects’ unique Ionic Personal Protection Pendants do assist with neutralizing the effects of Bioplasmic Radiation when people are out and about. What people don’t realize is that negative psychic impressions may be quite damaging to how a business performs. For example, a retailer who is under negative psychic attack from a competitor, may affect electro-hypersensitive customers to such a degree, that they do not wish to re-enter that environment, due to the strength of the negative psychic impression felt. In our Building Biology Consultancy work, we help many retailers and ALL types of businesses who require neutralizing of the negative psychic impressions with the Geoclense ® Home and Workplace Harmonizer. The Geoclense Home and Workplace Harmonizer is unique in its ability to neutralize the above listed Bioplasmic Radiation fields, which is what space clearing is all about. It’s amazing how different you and the space feels once all forms of Bioplasmic Radiation are removed. Another reason why people love the Orgone Effects Geoclense Home and Workplace Harmonizer.