EMF exposure at home. The invisible danger affecting families.

EMF exposure at home. The invisible danger affecting families.

EMF exposure at home. The invisible danger affecting families.

A typical home is surrounded by digital TV’s, WIFI router, Laptops and computers, Smart Meters, Smart Home automation and nests, electric ovens and microwave ovens. I will focus on the size and intensity of the radiation fields coming from our electrical appliances and correct some myths.

I have known from the beginning of the DTV rollout that Digital TVs could be the most harmful appliance we use and sit in front of because DTVs generates a beam of EMF both the size and shape of the screen. The bigger the screen, the bigger the EMF beam. 

The DTV EMF beam can emanate up to 100 meters in front of the DTV and even passes through walls!  If you live near your neighbours, or an apartment, you could find that your neighbours’ DTV EMF beam is also penetrating your living space. The amount of EMF stress on the Chinese Meridians when subjected to DTV radiation is quite alarming, with several Meridians being affected. Even when the DTV is turned off, the EMF beam leaves a permanent energetic imprint. A Geoclense® or Stellar Dome® effectively neutralizes the DTV EMF beam, being the only EMF harmonisers in the world capable of doing so. 

WIFI is another form of technology that is commonplace in our homes. When the WIFI is not being used, even though the power is switched on, the WIFI router does not present a radiation danger. When the WIFI is in use, the router develops an EMF field up to 1.2 meters around it. The router also sends out a beam of EMF directly to the device it is communicating with, about the size of an orange. So, if you are in the direct line of sight from the router to a laptop using the WIFI, you will be affected by the beam of radiation.  

Laptops create a radiation field that extends around the laptop. The Stellar Dome® and Geoclense® neutralise the power supply to the router, which neutralises the EMF beam to the laptop and EMF field around the laptop. 

Smart Meters are not as harmful as people think. The Electrical Meter box without the Smart Meter has an EMF field around it up to 2 meters and is highly charged. With the Smart Meter, the charged EMF field is no bigger than a Meter box without the Smart meter. A Radio Frequency meter you will have relatively high readings of RF from the Smart meter but RF on its own is harmless as it doesn’t present enough voltage to induce electromagnetic stress on the Chinese Meridians.

Smart Home Automation or Nests develop an EMF field up to 1 meter around them and, like the WIFI, sends EMF beams out to the various appliances in the home i.e. lights etc. Having a lot of appliances being controlled by a nest can set up a virtual spider's web of EMF beams around the home. The Geoclense® and Stellar Dome® both neutralise the nest and the EMF beams which control the appliances allowing it to be safe to use in your homes. 

An electric oven when it is being used, develops an EMF field up to 1 meter in front of the oven. A convection cooktop while in use has an EMF field which emanates up to 1 meter around the cooktop. Natural gas while burning also develops an EMF field up to half a meter around the burner. Not all EMF fields are generated by electricity as a 20 litre can of petrol has an EMF field up to 1 meter around it.

Microwave ovens generate EMF up to 1 meter in front of the door. When the microwave oven is not being used, just like the DTV, it leaves a permanent energetic imprint. 

EMF issues that our home technology creates deteriorates the energetic environment in the home, so it is a healthy and wise choice to neutralise EMF in your home with a Geoclense® or Stellar Dome®. A home with no harmful radiation fields creates a healthy home for you, your family, pets and plant life, who are also just as affected by EMF radiation as you are. 

By Gerard Bini 

Intuitive Building Biologist 

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.