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Stellar Pendant® versus LRAD
A few days after the Canberra Freedom Fighters demonstration, our office received numerous phone calls from customers who were at the demonstration and in front of the LRAD, who all reported that they were not affected by the heat generated by the LRAD. Why? Well, they all had one thing in common…They were all wearing a Stellar Pendant®!
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The Calming Effect of our Pet Pendants

We recently received an email from the owner of the animals we used for our Pet Pendant photoshoot last year.

A physio by trade, and also a competitive horse rider, with no prior connection to our products before, we reached out and asked if we could access her menagerie. Because her animals are always impeccably well behaved, we had no expectations of endorsement whatsoever from her.

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Introducing our Pet Pendants
Animals are much more sensitive to charged EMF radiation fields, especially to Earth Radiation and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation in the form of death imprints and emotional and illness imprints. Cats especially, ‘see’ energies that 99% of humans cannot see. If you ever see a cat sitting and waving its head around as if it were watching something, then most likely, the cat is seeing and energetically perceiving Bioplasmic energies.
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