Stellar Pendant® versus LRAD

Stellar Pendant® versus LRAD

Earlier this year, during the Canberra Freedom Fighters demonstration, the AFP were seen using an LRAD device as a means of crowd control. 

This incident was plastered all over the media and the internet. The AFP declare that the LRAD was not deployed, however, there is evidence to say that it may have been used against the people who attended the demonstration by the many people who were present on the day. 

These people claim that they suffered peculiar burns to their faces and lips.  This is because the LRAD, although touted as an “acoustic” device, sends a frequency that develops a heat which is designed to quicky cause a burning discomfort as an effective deterrent against an “angry crowd”.

A few days after the incident, our office received numerous phone calls from customers who were at the demonstration and in front of the LRAD, who all reported that they were not affected by the heat generated by the LRAD. Why? Well, they all had one thing in common…They were all wearing a Stellar Pendant®!

These customers spoke about the many people around them who were not wearing a Stellar Pendant® and how they were personally affected by the LRAD, suffering from burns to their lips and faces.  

At the time, I personally thought this was all very interesting. However, I wanted and needed more evidence.  About a week later, l received a phone call from a Melbourne based Kinesiologist and customer of ours who was present at the demonstration in Canberra. He told me that he and his wife were both wearing a Stellar Pendant® and they were not affected by the LRAD, but he had witnessed other people around him who were not wearing the Stellar Pendant® who had also experienced burnt lips and faces.

Months later, while at the Mind Body Spirit festival in Sydney, a woman came to our Expo stand who was at the same demonstration in Canberra and was wearing a Stellar Pendant® and, again, reported that she did not suffer from burnt faces and lips like all the people around her were. 

Her pendant, due to the heat from the LRAD, had suffered a disfigurement on the surface of the pendant, which is what high heat for a short period of time would do to a Stellar Pendant®.  

Then, a few weeks after that event, another wholesale customer from the Gold Coast sent me a Stellar Pendant® which was from one of his customers who was wearing it at the demonstration in front of the LRAD.  The pendant had the same disfigured surface, exactly like the pendant from the woman at the Sydney MBS festival.

I took the opportunity to test both disfigured Stellar Pendants® that had been given to me to see if they were still able to function as they should, and yes, they did test up as being as effective as the day they were manufactured!  

This result is because of our unique ability to manufacture EMF harmonizers that DON’T lose their negative charge over time, unlike most of our competitors.  This is a unique function of the Stellar Pendant® and, a function to my knowledge, that Scalar, Shungite or Ogonite devices cannot perform.

Time has passed since the LRAD incident at the Canberra demonstration, and others have come forward saying that they didn’t wear Stellar Pendants®. However, instead, they had a Stellar Dome® in their pocket or handbag, and again, they did not seem to be affected like others around them were who were without either a Stellar Pendant® or Stellar Dome®.  

By Gerard Bini

Intuitive Building Biologist
Founder & Managing Director
Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.

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