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Is it Halloween or GHOSTOBER?!!!

It’s here! Halloween. The spookiest time of the year and a celebration of all things supernatural. And, as you’d expect, I’ve got lots of spooky stories to tell and even some of my own haunted house experiences.

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That Strange Humming Noise and a Possible Explanation

For many years now thousands of people, around the world (myself included) have been hearing a strange humming noise, especially at night-time.

In many households only one or two people out of five were able to hear this hum, in fact my research found that generally only about 2% of the population could hear it. Those who couldn’t hear the hum would chastise those who could and were labelling them as Tinnitus, or even madness or feigning imagination.

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How do you know if your house is haunted?
We often hear about the strange noises heard by people in their homes at night such as scraping noises, voices and footsteps down the hallway. If there has been a death or deaths on a property of a particular violent nature, then the chances of a haunting occurring in this house with its associated apparitions of ghosts and strange noises etc., are extremely high. Let's explore this phenomena in more detail.
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“SPOOKY” Photos
What are the black blobs in these two “Spooky” photos? These photographs are evidence of “entities” in a house, captured by a customer in Sydney, NSW, on his Apple iPhone 7, without any gimmicky apps or special filters, just ‘point...
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