“SPOOKY” Photos

“SPOOKY” Photos

What are the black blobs in these two “Spooky” photos?

These photographs are evidence of “entities” in a house, captured by a customer in Sydney, NSW, on his Apple iPhone 7, without any gimmicky apps or special filters, just ‘point and click’. We have all been aware for some time that digital photography can show some interesting items in photographs such as orbs etc., and these two photos are typical of what wonders digital photography can expose.

There is a story to go with these photos…..

Back in May, 2017, at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Sydney, a gentleman by the name of Steve visited my expo stand and wanted me to do a ‘Google Earth’ intuitive property reading for his home address, which is something we offer free of charge to people and are famous for at Expos.

During the remote intuitive house reading for Steve, l easily identified that there were EMF imprints from some deaths that had occurred on the property. I explained to him that the electromagnetic charge from these deaths would cause a lot of EMF stress in the body and make the home “feel” terrible.

Steve didn’t react much to the information I gave him at the time, however, after the reading, he purchased the ‘Geoclense Home and Workplace Harmoniser’ which I recommended to him to remove the death imprints and the suspected entities.

Two days later, Steve returned to my expo stand and was very eager to sit down and chat to me about something. What l didn’t know at the time of his property reading is that Steve apparently knew 100% that there was an entity issue in his home, which he did not mention or acknowledge to me during the reading. He told me that he could always “feel” its presence, especially when he tried to sit down and meditate, which is when he felt the entity would try to enter his energy field. Steve then showed me the two entity photographs he’d taken on his mobile phone where he knew they were hovering in those areas of his house.

Steve told me that when he plugged in the Geoclense at home, he could feel that it had totally removed the entities and lifted the energies in his property to such a level, that he could now meditate without any entity interference. He was so impressed with the accuracy of the intuitive house reading he received and the Geoclense’s effectiveness at removing the death imprints, that he was motivated to return to the expo to tell me about his experiences and share with me the photographs of the entities he had captured.

Just like in any place where entities exist, people often express how the hair on the back of their neck stands up and the energy in the air of the house feels terribly heavy, uncomfortable and sickly in certain areas. A lot of children report seeing such energies especially at night time, and often describe what they see as something that resembles black smoke. For children, this often causes extreme emotional trauma and a desire to sleep very close to their parents at night time and not in their bedroom!

How harmful & menacing are these entities?

All entities have one thing in common, a positive charge and an electromagnetic field. I often find in my on-site home consultancies that entities tend to hide in corners and move around the house very slowly, so as not to be detected.

Entities can create emotional trauma, sleep paralysis attacks at night time, hamper one’s ability to recover from illnesses and may be responsible for some unexplained cot deaths. Entities can even interfere with the sale of a house.

Some people who are emotionally sensitive or have an emotional illness can be easily “triggered” by entities. These entities do interfere energetically with relationships and who knows how many people have experienced relationship and marriage break ups which have been caused by entity interference in their homes.

Something we all need to be aware of is that 70% of houses worldwide that l do an intuitive house reading for, or personally visit as a Consultant, have entity problems just like this example. What people aren’t aware of is that this type of EMF energy, called Bioplasmic Radiation which is human generated, is BY FAR THE MOST HARMFUL OF ALL TYPES OF EMF found in properties, and that includes Smart Meters, Wi/Fi, Electrical and Earth Radiation.

The GEOCLENSE removes these entities which is another very good reason to own a GEOCLENSE!!!

No other EMF harmonizer can remove death imprints and entities, only the Geoclense can. Scalar EMF products cannot do this, (we know because we have done the testing), nor do any EMF filters have this ability.

It is only through the continuous research, extensive knowledge base and experience as an Intuitive Building Biologist for over 15 years, that I can identify and neutralize up to 25 different types of EMF, making the ‘Geoclense Home and Workplace Harmonizer’ such a unique and extraordinary product.

By Gerard Bini

Intuitive Building Biologist


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