Do you have mould in the roof cavity?

Do you have mould in the roof cavity?

Is it everywhere! The presence of mould in a house creates a harmful “positive charge” EMF field which some people are extremely sensitive to.  

Mould equals radiation which is not a very commonly known fact.  Do you have low vaulted ceilings in the house as they also produce radiation fields that project down like mould. This is because the vaulted ceiling is similar to the underside of a pyramid, which also projects a positive charge downwards.

That’s where the Stellar Dome™ is required because its shape and frequency radiates “upward” to neutralize the “downward” EMF charge.  

The Stellar Dome™ does not remove the mould, it neutralizes the harmful EMF charge which comes with the presence of mould in a roof cavity.

The Stellar Dome™ is also totally portable making it perfect for personal EMF protection when you’re out and about and while traveling.

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