EMF & its effect on our emotional well-being

EMF & its effect on our emotional well-being

Children bad-tempered and “niggly”?  Parents’ nerves on edge?  Anxiety levels through the roof?

The restrictions of the Coronavirus lockdown have naturally escalated stress levels and brought on feelings of depression, anxiety and sleepless nights.  Forced to stay at home with the family and home-school children has meant spending longer periods huddled together at home within the grounds and boundaries of your property.

Coping with anxiety and stress brought on by financial strains, perhaps job loss and the heavy saturation of doom and gloom of Coronavirus uncertainty is a challenge for anyone to deal with and endure.


But what if this pandemic WASN’T THE ONLY CAUSE of your family’s stress-filled days? 

We are bombarded daily in our home by a complex mix of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emanating from “commonly known” sources such as Wi-Fi, Digital TV’s, microwaves, electrical appliances etc. It is an undisputed fact that these noxious electromagnetic fields can trigger a diffuse collection of symptoms.

Add 5G to the mix if it is now turned on in your suburb, and you have some very toxic radiation fields to deal with – all contributing to higher levels of sleep deprivation, fatigue and escalating emotions.

However, what if the critical difference is, in fact, a combination of ‘lesser-known’ radiation fields i.e. human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation, Earth Radiation causing Geopathic Stress in the body, and Solar and Astrological Retrograde radiation all of which you cannot escape, but that heavily influences your family’s physical health and emotional well-being.

Constant exposure to all EMF fields creates resonant stress on the human body which directly affects our meridians, organs, immune and nervous systems, hormones, neurotransmitters and ultimately, our emotional states.

Recently, I conducted a remote Google Earth reading for a young woman who was concerned about her physical and emotional symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, headaches, feeling anxious and overwhelmed, and other discomforts while spending time in her apartment building.

When I intuitively read her apartment, I identified that the entire building was being affected by one of the lesser-known human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation fields caused by all the occupants’ negative emotional states which had completely engulfed the building. 

I also identified an additional emotional imprint in the building that isn’t commonly known to the public.  The entire apartment building, being 40 floors of steel-reinforced concrete, was also being affected by an imprint of the negative emotional states of the construction workers who were under dire stress to get the building completed.  This emotional imprint isn’t unique to this building alone.  ALL large scale commercial or industrial buildings have the same type of EMF field and it is as harmful to humans as 5G!!!

The apartment building was situated in a very old suburb that previously had a building that was a hospital.  And, we all know what hospitals are filled with… dangerous human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation caused by all the deaths that occurred.  The radiation charge caused by deaths on a property doesn’t dissipate over time unless its imprints are neutralised with a Geoclense® or a Stellar Dome®.   Scalar type products DON’T have any effect on Bioplasmic Radiation fields, especially those caused by deaths.

What’s the solution to solving the toxic EMF mix we are all swimming daily in that is directly affecting our family’s physical health and emotional well-being?

While many people engage in personal coping mechanisms to remain positive and calm in their daily life with meditation, Yoga, breathing exercises, reading, listening to music etc., little do they realise that these activities can be hampered by the various noxious radiation fields they’re exposed to within their home without their knowledge.  When you remove the radiation charge from the air with a Geoclense® or a Stellar Dome® in your home environment, any spiritual or personal balancing mechanisms you engage in in order to remain positive and calm, may then be more effective.  We know this from our own personal experience because we’re all affected by this pandemic in one way or another.


Externally you can also create a healthier and calmer home environment with the Geoclense® or Stellar Dome® which neutralizes over 30 different types of EMF radiation fields to the boundaries of your property, including all the lesser-known human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation, Earth Radiation and Solar and Planetary Radiation influences on the earth when they occur.

We recently received a lovely testimonial via email from Alison T. from Cranbourne, Melbourne, who talked about the sense of peacefulness she experienced when she plugged in her Geoclense®.

Whilst we don’t like to push testimonials, we felt this really was pertinent to this blog. 

“I’d like to send a big thank you to Gerard for developing such great protective/healing products.

I have been using Orgone Effects products for a few years now after discovering them at a holistic healing course at Art of Touch.  I commented on how peaceful I felt whilst sitting in their room and they showed me the Geoclense that was plugged in.

I bought it in good faith and noticed how the air felt lighter in my house and I felt more peaceful in my own home.

I also wear the Personal Protection Pendant which helps me especially when I go into shopping centers.

A product that I recently purchased was the Stellar Cabin Disk to try whilst I took a flight to Bali last year.  I couldn’t believe how calm I felt.  Normally I would dread taking a flight anywhere as I always feel on edge and queasy.

So, a big thank you to Orgone Effects for your great protective products!

I am looking forward to purchasing the Ener-bear today for a newborn baby boy that was born yesterday in my family to pop in his cot.
Many thanks.”

Ally T


By Gerard Bini

Founder & Managing Director

Intuitive Building Biolgist

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.