EMF In The Workplace

EMF In The Workplace

As we begin to return to our workplaces after working from home, we thought it was an appropriate time to talk about EMF exposure in the workplace.

Some positive feedback we’ve received from customers over the last month during COVID-19 lockdown is how they’ve felt more comfortable working from home rather than being in their office or factory environment.  These customers were all using a Geoclense® or Stellar Dome® at home and agree their better work performance and focus was due to the harmonising effect of our products.  We’ve recently spoken about how concentration levels may be improved in an EMF-free environment and this has been clinically proven in the past.  This study was produced by Dr. Bella Zaicev from Balance Therapy Clinic Sydney, Australia.  See attached study HERE.


What people don’t realize is that ALL workplaces are potentially more harmful and toxic energetic environments than a home.  This is because there’s generally a higher amount of EMF radiation emanating from machines, computers, appliances, fluorescent lighting etc.  People often find productivity and accuracy in the workplace seems to wain especially in the afternoon because the body is exhausted from being taxed by constant radiation exposure. 

In fact, EMF exposure in our work environment can be as bad as physically experiencing active 5G operating in your area!!

Let’s look at the average office building. 

Some people think that Wi-Fi and computer technology in the office would be the main contributor to EMF exposure, however, Wi-Fi and computer technology only generates “localised” radiation fields and don’t “engulf” an entire building like 5G and other radiation sources do.

Traditionally, offices use fluorescent lighting and I have a rule-of-thumb with fluorescent lighting which is: “Wherever they shed light, they shed radiation charge”.  This means the entire space is filled or “engulfed” with this charge, just like you would experience with having 5G active.


Commercial or industrial buildings are usually built over large areas of land which will, undoubtedly, have human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation imprints caused by deaths that have occurred, perhaps even before the building was built.  Death imprints which create Bioplasmic Radiation “engulf” a whole building, just like what you would physically experience with 5G operating.

Another big energetic influence is Bioplasmic Radiation caused by negative psychic impressions aimed at the business itself and/or the people working within the business.  These electromagnetic imprints are created by outside competitors, skeptics, non-supporters, disgruntled customers and animosity among staff and management.  Business competitors’ negative psychic impressions can be very harmful to the business and to everyone in the workplace.  Negative psychic impressions created by an individual, or worse, a group of people in one location can be immediately felt by the recipients as harmful Bioplasmic Radiation and can be measured with tools such as a Biotensor or Lecher Antenna.

A hypothetical example of this is Jill who has been running a hairdressing salon for 10 years in a shopping vicinity.  Suddenly, along comes Jenny who decides to open her hairdressing salon in the same area.  Jill and her staff take offence to this competition and they begin to aim their moaning and whining towards Jenny and her salon.  As soon as that negative emotional behaviour starts, the energy in Jenny’s salon is instantly impacted by Jill and her staff’s negative psychic impression.  Interestingly, what the “sender” doesn’t realise is that their own negative emotional state will, in turn, fill or engulf their own building space with the same Bioplasmic Radiation charge of negative psychic impression that they were sending out.  Another 5G environment! 

Another example of negative psychic impression is the resentment felt towards local councils over various issues people have experienced such as fines, building approval holdups etc., which escalates disgruntled negative emotion towards them.  This Bioplasmic Radiation of negative psychic impression will “engulf” the entire council building!  Not a pleasant environment to work in.

And, it’s not only industrial, commercial or office building environments that are feeling the effects from harmful radiation exposure in the workplace.  Some of the most toxic work environments also include hospitals and schools.  Why?  Schools and hospitals have a mix of Bioplasmic Radiation fields created by all the illness imprints, emotional imprints, juvenile emotional pain body imprints and death imprints.  Another environment that creates a similar toxic environment like 5G.

The effect on humans of 5G is an increase in EMF stress in the body.  And, as we have highlighted above, even if you don’t have 5G active in your suburb, you may already be experiencing similar toxic effects.

This type of energy awareness is very advanced in Building Biology, and I have called this phenomenon ‘Industrial and Commercial Building Radiation’.  The Geoclense® and Stellar Dome® have the required balancing frequencies for the negative psychic impression Bioplasmic Radiation.  It’s amazing how different you feel when you remove all forms of Bioplasmic Radiation in the workplace!


We get a lot of very positive feedback from people who take the initiative to use a Geoclense® in their workplace.  However, not every workplace allows the individual to use their Geoclense® to be plugged into a power point i.e. hospitals, schools etc.  This is where the Stellar Dome® can be a huge benefit because it doesn’t need to be plugged into a power point and you don’t need to display it on your desk.  Just having the Stellar Dome® in your bag or pocket will neutralize all forms of EMF charge throughout the entire workplace, just like the Geoclense® does. 


By Gerard Bini,

Founder and Managing Director,

Intuitive Building Biologist,

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.