Chinese Meridians and EMF

Chinese Meridians and EMF

A question we always get asked is ‘How does EMF affect the body?”

This could be answered in a myriad of ways by various experts. For example, one may talk about the negative effect on the mitochondria, others will give their opinion about oxygen levels, and another may refer to research where there has been a cancer cluster attributed to a known local source of EMF such as a nearby mobile phone tower, 5G streetlight or high-voltage powerlines. Whilst all these opinions are correct to varying degrees, what we also need to understand is that EMF directly interferes with our meridian energy flow.


What are Meridians?

Meridians are a supply system of energy to our vital organs. EMF emits a harmful “positive charge” which is the exact opposite to what the meridians demand and require; which is a “negative charge”, also called Chi energy. Chi energy creates a healthy ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ balance.  Thus, EMF affects the human body through its energetic interference with this system.

Each of our organs has a corresponding meridian, and when that meridian is in balance, it supplies a line of a healthy “negative charge” to its respective organ.  When a person is immersed in any EMF field, like 5G for example, the meridian’s energy flow is disrupted by 5G’s positive charge and subsequently, so too does the function of vital organs.  Meridian energy flow to organs can also be adversely affected by other things such as eating unhealthy food, emotional distress, and hereditary issues.

Everyone has an energetic organ weakness in their body; for some it may be liver, for others it could be the heart or kidneys.  If you were to have a weaker than normal meridian flow to your liver for example, then your liver’s overall energetic status could be below what is required for it to function normally.

Meridian testing:

Meridians have a start point generally at the fingertips and the feet, and an end-point at a vital organ.  There are many ways of demonstrating the meridian’s energetic status to various organs of the body such as TCM, Kinesiology via meridian audits, Bioresonace equipment, Kirlian Photography, and with simple, however very accurate tools such as a Biotensor and Lecher Antenna.  An EMF meter, however, cannot detect these energies.

Can Orgone Effects Australia Help?

If an EMF harmonizer is installed in a property such as a Geoclense® or Stellar Dome™, the EMF fields which would normally emit a harmful positive charge, such as an Earth Fissure, Wi-Fi router or 5G, would now be replaced with a healthy negative charge frequency.  This means that your meridian system, when subjected to the harmonized EMF fields which have a negative charge, are now no longer compromised.

The negative charge that the harmonizer provides is in total sympathy with the human bio-field and the meridian’s energetic requirements, ensuring that our organ functionality as a result of this Chi energy remains in symbiosis.

Wearing our Orgone Ionic Personal Protection Pendant provides you with continued EMF protection when you’re out and about, and has a supportive and strengthening effect on our meridians.

While all the colored pendants may neutralize the effects of EMR in the body, getting the right color match to your potentially weakest meridian may have a more beneficial effect. 

For example, people who have a lower liver meridian energy find the green pendant is very supportive.  Triple warmer meridian weakness?  Select the blue pendant.  Heart meridian, the pink or white pendant is supportive.  Spleen meridian weaknesses are better suited to the purple pendant.  The orange pendant is for stomach, small and large intestine meridians.  Please note: This understanding of what colors stimulate which meridian is only applicable to the Orgone Effects Ionic Personal Protection Pendant.

Above is a meridian energy graph created with a Biofeedback device showing how our meridians are affected by EMF, in this case, a mobile phone (blue bar) and the possible improved effect on the meridians by using a Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer (red bar).

Independent GDV Kirlian Photography: 

Left image shows the Aura with no Orgone Effects Ionic Personal Protection Pendant. The right image shows the Aura after wearing the Orgone Effects Ionic Personal Protection Pendant.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can talk you through this!


By Gerard Bini

Founder and Managing Director

Intuitive Building Biologist

Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.